DP Information Network Pte Ltd has since become 100% part of Experian Asia Pacific from 8 December 2014, one of the world’s largest credit reference agencies. With this relationship Experian brings to DP Info global technical and developmental expertise in a wealth of areas including consumer and corporate analytics. Additionally it enhances DP Info’s credit services and enables the implementation of international best practices to meet the demands of a global economy.

As such, A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between SMCTA and DP Information Group to promote sound credit risk management practices through the provision of educational seminars and training workshops to SMCTA members. This aims to educate and provide advisory service on credit management among SMCTA members. And DP Information Group will also provide a digital platform for members to share negative/blacklist debtor’s information Via DP SME Commercial Credit Bureau Platform.

However as this is a sharing platform strictly among members only, one will have to join as a member of the DP SME Commercial Credit Bureau to reap the benefits.

*Information available is listed below:

• Bankruptcy Detail
• Litigation Detail
• Credit Payment Grade
• Alternative Address & Contact Numbers (If available)
• Negative List / Blacklist by moneylenders and/or creditors
• Search Count by Moneylenders, Hire purchase members and other creditors
• Known Loan & Ban Listing Information

*Information provided varies with the subscribed plan and package

As part of DP Information aim to provide comprehensive credit solution, DP Information has in-house collection team with more than 30 years of experience in collection, which will help SMCTA Members in their debts recovery. We work on a “No Collection No Commission” policy.

On top of this, our members will have the right to blacklist certain customers which will address the concern where the borrowers might  default payment but yet continue to seek credit elsewhere.


DP Information Network Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “DP Info”) is Singapore's leading credit and business information bureau.

A veteran of more than 30 years, we currently service 98% of Singapore's financial institutions and 75% of leading law firms. Through our 24/7 online Information portal, QuestNet, we enable our clients to make confident credit management decisions everyday based on comprehensive, accurate and reliable information. DP Info also partners with various leading international scoring and ratings agencies to provide corporate and consumer credit management solutions.
DP Info is a strong advocate for the SME and entrepreneurial segment, managing and operating an ACRA appointed service bureau, DP Bureau, which assists SMEs and entrepreneurs in starting their business and operating them effectively and efficiently through their initial years.

For further enquiries on the above mentioned, please feel free to contact
Mr. Goh Kay Hock
M: 9759 9081